Can you hear me now?

In preparing for my 5 year sojourn, I need to think how I will communicate with family and friends. I have always been into electronics and computers. I was on the internet before there was an internet. It was called bulletin boards. My first “computer” was a Commodore 64. If you remember them, you probably qualify for AARP.

My early computers were Tandy by radio shack (sorry to see you go) and Intellivision. I really liked Intellivision, but it did not last. Being a lawyer, the standard for writing documents and briefs was Microsoft Word. I wanted to use Apple, but they were considered a toy back then. I can now break the shackle from Microsoft. I bought an I phone 6 plus.

My plan is to also buy a Mac Air and skip the tablet, therefore the 6+. The truck I plan on buying to pull the RV has an I Phone port, so I can switch between the three devises when using the GPS.

I took an Apple workshop on the I Phone and read the manual cover to cover (it’s a character flaw). I find I can’t use my favorite e-mail program, Incredimail, and I am therefore learning to use

Eventually I will learn to place this blog on my own web site,, where I have unlimited e-mail addresses. All in good time.

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