To Sell or not to Sell, that is the Question

The plan is to buy an RV in September, retire at the end of the year and travel around the continent for 5 years. The question, therefore, is what to do with the house I now live in.

Plan A: Sell the house, use the money to buy the RV and tow vehicle and not have to finance.

Plan B: Rent the house and use the money to pay off the RV.


Plan C: Tell my wife it is her problem and not to bother me about it.

The problem with Plan A is what if I don’t like the RV life, I am now homeless. My wife’s concern is, she wants a place to come “home” once in a while. She wants the feeling there is a “base” for us to work our of.

The good part about Plan A, other than not going into debt, is that if we don’t own property in Maryland, we can call any State our home State. For example, if we called South Dakota or Montana our home State there is no income tax. If we stay in Maryland, our social security and pension are taxed as income.

The problem with Plan B is that we need to hire someone to manage the property, that is, take care of all maintenance issues, find renters if the first ones leave. Make sure the property is not abused or trashed by the renters.

The good part about Plan B is if we decide that the RV life is not for us, we can come back in a year and retake our house. Count the RV as an expensive toy we broke and live happily ever after.

I see no downside to Plan C. That seems like the wise choice to me.

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