Full Time RVing

I never camped as a kid, I was not a cub or boy scout. Of course I camped in the army. It was OK, you slept in a small pup tent with another guy. You had to dig your own latrine. It always seemed wet or damp. You were never fully clean. You shaved in cold water. Therefore I never had the desire to do additional camping.

My wife, on the other hand, went camping all the time growing up with her family. They would camp locally as well as going to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive in Virginia.

When we were dating, the Baltimore Ski Club, of which we were both members, had a summer trip to Kitty Hawk to do some hang gliding. They planned to camp in the park adjacent to the dunes. I wanted to go hang gliding, but had no desire to go camping, plus I had no equipment. She insisted, telling me it was not like the army and I would enjoy it. We borrowed a tent and equipment from her cousin and off we went.

Sure enough it was great. Hot showers, the tent we borrowed was huge, not like my pup tent, we had camp fires and hot food, roasted hot dogs, made marshmallows and smores. Plus they had clean, heated, indoor bathrooms. It was heaven.

That night it stormed (I love storms, especially with lightning and thunder, still do). With a large tent we could stand up and move around, plus it did not leak. It was great. Because of the storm, hang gliding was cancelled. 

My girlfriend (eventually to be my wife) apologized, saying it was the worst camping she ever had. The facilities were not as nice as she was use to plus the storm.  I told her I thought it was great.

We then camped for the next 30 years, going with her son, friends, and eventually her son’s children, our grandchildren. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Now that we are retiring, the grandchildren are to old to hang around with us, and our bones no longer appreciate sleeping on the ground, we decided to go RVing. Although most people who own RVs use them for camping, so they do not have to sleep on the ground in a tent, our camping days are over. Been there, done that. We are now looking to see the Country. The purpose of our RV is not to get away for the weekend, or even a week or month, but to replace our home. Hence, full time RVing. Living in your RV 365 days a year.

We will no longer be camping, we will be sightseeing with our house.

2 thoughts on “Full Time RVing

    1. Your granddaughters also enjoyed all those camping trips! Especially the one with the tepe and the one when you took us to the crayola crayon factory!

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