Looking over my Shoulder

The purpose of this blog is to get experience on producing a blog to keep my family and friends informed of our 5 year travels in our RV. We will not be buying the RV until September, with delivery expected in February, 2016. Therefore I have plenty of time to practice and learn about this blog.

For now, the blog is just my ramblings for my own amusement. In fact, it wasn’t until today that I even invited some of my relatives to view this blog (mainly because I just discovered how to do that). I want to get their feedback, so when I do this in earnest I won’t embarrass my self.

Therefore, it was to my great surprise that I found I have some followers. My first question, why would someone want to follow the ramblings of a man about to retire. My post are nothing new or earth shattering. How did they even find me?

Don’t get me wrong. I am flattered that someone would take the time to read my posts, and I invite you to continue. Now that I know people, whom I don’t even know, are reading me, I will try to use correct spelling and grammar.


Feel free to comment (I just learned how to do this):

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