Finding That RV, Part 2

My wife decided she wants a 5th Wheel. Since we will be living in the RV full time, she says the trailers don’t give her the feeling of “home”. Although the Class A gives her that feeling, for us towing a vehicle behind is out of the question. Therefore, 5th Wheel.

How big. Well, since she won’t be driving, size doesn’t matter. Therefore big enough so there can be a king size bed, full size refrigerator, a bathroom shower you can comfortably turn around in, and a living room to give her the same comfort as home. Therefore, about 38 feet. WOW!

We have been on many road trips during our 33 year marriage. I like to drive and she likes to ride. A perfect combination. Many years ago we belonged to a road rally club. The purpose of the club was the gathering of car enthusiasts who would be given clues to transgress a 100 mile or so course through the city and countryside. The couple who figured out the clues and arrived at the secret destination closest to the time allotted won. We learned through this club the responsibilities of the driver and passenger (navigator). The driver had to know what road he was on, the speed limit of the road, the speed of the car, and the last intersection passed. The navigator had to know, according to the directions and clues given, the speed the vehicle was suppose to be going, the next turn maneuver (by clue or street name), and give the driver adequate notice to make the next instruction. If the driver missed a turn or the navigator failed to give the correct instruction, the other was not permitted to criticize. There were no exceptions to this rule. You were not permitted to blame the other for getting lost, or having to make a U-Turn. My wife and I follow the above on all our trips, and it has made for happy motoring.  The same rules will apply on our 5 year odyssey.

Looking for the perfect 5th Wheel, has not been as easy as expected. There must be about 70 different brands and types of 5th Wheels. Each has 4 or 5 individual floor plans. We are in the process of narrowing down the number by eliminating those that are not meant to be lived in full time. This is a result of quality of construction and insulation. The vehicle has to be comfortable in temperatures above 100 degrees and down past freezing. Our anticipated journey will take us to the southern United States and as far into Alaska we can go on paved roads toward the North Pole.

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