Narrowing Down the 5th Wheel

The best place to get an overview of RV vehicles are the RV shows. The largest one on the East Coast is at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, which is held every September. We have been to this show the last three years. Not only is it an excellent opportunity to see all the major brand RVs in one place, but also attend numerous classes on the different aspects of the RV life.

By going to these shows we have been able to narrow down the 5th Wheels that meet our criteria. Not only have we talked to the salesmen, but also the factory representatives. To our dismay, we found that not all manufactures have representatives in every State. In Maryland, for example, our home State, there are only two dealers that carry the 5th Wheels in which we are interested. One, Chesaco RV in Harford County, Maryland and Beckley’s Camping Center in Frederick County, Maryland. And each only carry one of the vehicles we are interested.

While Chesaco is 2 miles from our house, Beckley’s is an hour and half drive away. We eliminated some 5th Wheel models because they did not even have a dealer in Maryland. The importance is warranty work. If we need to leave the 5th Wheel for a couple of days or weeks for warranty work (and our sources say that RVs are notorious for needing warranty work, no matter which manufacturer you purchase from), we want to return home for the wait, rather than travel to another State.

At this point we have narrowed down our choices to the Solitude by Grand Design and The Cedar Creek Hathaway Edition by Forest River. We will make our final choice, and purchase, this September after we attend the Pennsylvania RV show.

Below are pictures of the two:











Version 2

OOPS!  I am still learning how to use my iPhone 6, I think I had the camera turned the wrong way.

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