I’mmmm back

I am still trying to tour the Cedar Creek by Forest River, and Solitude by Grand Design fifth wheels, but neither of the local dealers have them in stock. I am currently attending the firemen’s convention on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Looking on line for local RV dealers and their products, I came across 5th Wheel Big Country by Heartland. It met all of my specifications. So I went to the dealership, Delmarva RV Center, an authorized dealer for Heartland. The salesman was rude and very unhelpful.

However I did get to look at the Heartland Big Country, and I liked what I saw. Not to be discouraged by the unhelpful salesman I decided to look further online for other Heartland dealers. I came across five web sites reviewing the Big Country and the Heartland manufacturing company. All said the same thing I discovered with the salesman from Delmarva, that the company representatives were rude and unhelpful, to the point where getting warranty service was difficult or unattainable. So much for the Big Country.

On another note, I am still muddling my way through learning about blogging. I am trying to transfer this Blog to my own web site, scheinin.com, without much success, even using the Dummies for Bloggers book. But I am still working on it, and expect to solve the problem. Nevertheless, this is the first post I have done from my portable laptop, one step forward.

Nothing further to do until I can look at the Cedar Creek and Solitude and make a final decision.