Well, this is certainly not as planned

    Driving down the Florida highway to Key West, sun shining, pleasant temperatures, our new RV humming along. What a beautiful day. What more could you ask for?

     What I could ask for is that it be true. Instead, I am sitting in my own driveway trapped by a snow storm, with another storm on it’s way.                                 

     The snow covered branches are banging against the rear window mocking me. “Hi Hi, caught you.”                                      

  Turning to my side window, snow everywhere. 3 inches and rising. Weatherman said we might get some flurries. I don’t believe the weatherman can predict yesterday’s weather. 

Since we are living in the RV now, I am taking precautions against the water pipes freezing. The temperature is anticipated to drop to the single digits this weekend. With another storm on it’s way, looks like we won’t get out of here for another week. Hope the snow doesn’t crush the Unit.



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6 thoughts on “Well, this is certainly not as planned

  1. By the looks of your Winter problems it may be a sign of a WONDERFUL upcoming Spring and Summer 😀 It’s just a matter of time when the sun will show it’s strength and the snow must give way!

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