On Your Mark, Get Set, Goooooooooo!

     We are leaving our driveway for the most dangerous area in the World, the  American highways.

     Finally, after two weeks in our driveway, trapped by the cold and snow storms, we are now on the road. Heading for Williamsburg, Virginia, for day 1 of our 5 year journey.

     The time in our driveway was not wasted. In fact, we have actually been living in the RV for the two weeks. We have learned how to use all the systems, including filing the propane tanks 4 times because of the record breaking cold. Who’s idea was it to by an RV in the winter time anyway?

     The heating unit kept us toasty, even when the temperature dropped to 4 degrees. We bought the unit with the Arctic package which is advertised to withstand temperatures down to 0 degrees. Main problem is our water lines freezing. No problem. Hope the air conditioner works as well when we cross death valley.

     Our king size bed is very comfortable. The refrigerator is filled with food, and the unit has been completely stocked with clothes, camping supplies, tools, and all of our personnel items. We were ready.

     Barbara really liked the way she looked in the bathroom vanity mirror:image


      The truck and unit are handling great. We practiced backing up and hitching and unhitching the unit to the tow truck. We expect no problems.

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5 thoughts on “On Your Mark, Get Set, Goooooooooo!

  1. Bon voyage. It might not be too late to learn the Smith System of truck driver training. It is reputed to be very effective in reducing accidents while driving big rigs and your outfit certainly qualifies as such.

    I’m really looking forward to sharing in your adventures.

  2. When you get to Key West, you have to take the boat out to Dry Tortugas National Park. Safe travels, always watch the roof heights 🙂 Don P.

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