Williamsburg, Virginia

Day 1


     The American Heritage RV Park in Virginia, where we stayed for our first night on our 5 year journey, is rated 10/10/10 by Good Sam Club, an organization devoted to RVers. It stands for a perfect score in their three rated areas: facilities, restrooms and showers, and visual appearance.  

     Although the campground is neat and clean and has numerous facilities, mostly geared for children, the campsites are small and packed together. Our site, # 39, is a pull through site, which means we can access the site by not having to back our rig into the site but going forward to enter the site and continue forward to exit the site. It has “full hookups”, meaning it has electricity, water, and sewer.

     Being the first time, it wasn’t pull through for me, as I had to jockey this mammoth around to get all six landing legs on the cement surface and the hook up inlets to my rig parallel to the facilities outlets. It took about 6 tries, including starting over by going around the block to get a fresh start. Being the first time, we realized our signals to each other for movement directions, Barbara on the outside guiding me with a walkie-talkie, needs vast improvement. Fortunately for us, it was getting dark when we arrived, and the other, more experienced RVers, did not pull up their lawn chairs to be entertained by the newbies attempting to park their 40′ RV for the first time. To warn people on the highway of our status, I had a bumper sticker made saying “Rookie Driver”

     Although our first night was cool, it beat the snow and freezing temperatures we just came from, plus we had the comfort of our own fireplace.


 Technical Stuff:

236 miles from our driveway to American Heritage RV Park

6 hours and 10 minutes drive time because of 2 hour delays on the Washington Beltway (try driving a 21 foot Dodge RAM pulling a 40 foot RV on 495, that’s an experience).

11.2 miles per gallon (without the trailer, I was getting 16 miles per gallon).


4 thoughts on “Williamsburg, Virginia

  1. Really enjoying the updates. When I had a lawn tractor and a dump trailor on the back, I jacknifed it every time I tried to back up. I finally gave up, sold everything and heired a guy. However, the lawn never looked as good as when I did it myself. Please add me to your update list. Currently, Nadine has to forward it to me. Good luck.

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