Yorktown, Virginia

Day 3


     The Yorktown Victory Center is being built by the same Foundation that did Jamestown Settlement we visited yesterday. While it is only partially completed, what they have done so far is unbelievable.

     Obviously when Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington to end the Revolutionary War there was no photography. However, when photography was developed, a project was done to photograph those few still surviving that took part in the War. Along with their picture was a short narrative by those people of what part they played. One person was at Lexington when the first shot of the War was fired, while another was a soldier that was at the surrender at Yorktown. As we progressed through the museum and battleground it gave you a different perspective of the War.

    Another part of the Center were two military gentlemen (retired, and volunteers at the Center) who described the reason, from a military standpoint, the start of the Revolution, the strategies of the major battles, why somethings worked and others didn’t. They explained why Washington was losing battles at the beginning of the War and how he, and his advisers, adapted and obviously won the War. They then answered all our questions. Fortunately for us, we were the only two to attend (it is off season). It was fascinating, even for me, a student of the Revolution (after all, that is when American law began, and I used it often in teaching my Criminal Justice courses).

     Another part of the exhibit were two women, dressed in the manner of the time, displaying the various uniforms and clothing worn not only by the soldiers, but also slaves, servants, farmers, moderate people, and wealthy people. You could touch and try on the clothing. A very educational and enjoyable experience.

     Then, as in Jamestown, there was the live exhibit, in this case the encampment which depicted not only the soldiers life, but those that followed the Army, as well as those living in Yorktown at the time of the battle.


Barbara loves men in uniform

     We then drove through the battleground. A nice place to put up condos.


Technical Stuff:

56 miles round trip

13.2 MPG

Diesel fuel: $1.73

3 thoughts on “Yorktown, Virginia

  1. Steven, I was stationed at the Yorktown USCG Base for two years. Couldn’t get enough of its history. I had access to areas that are usually restricted. Great post!!!! Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 13:35:31 +0000 To: dhume44@msn.com

  2. Steve, Thanks for the history lesson. Much of my reading over the years has focused upon the period around the American Revolution. Perhaps you have already read it, if not, I recommend to you “Washington’s Crossing” by David Fisher.
    Bob Ahlstrom

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