Newport News, Virginia

Day 4


     What’s new in Newport News? It’s the Mariner’s Museum.

     One of there main exhibits is the USS Monitor Center (of the Battle of the Merrimack and Monitor fame). At the battle of Hampton Roads, where the battle of the ironclads took place, neither ship won. However, the Monitor, a captured Northern ship renamed Virginia at the time of the battle, sank a couple of months later in a storm. I learn something new every day. (But I remember in my Northern elementary school class being told the Merrimack won, but here in the South they say it was a draw.)

     The museum encompass an impressive array of items from early navigation of the Greeks and Italians (but nothing on the Vikings) to the present.

     While we were there, the tornado came through that killed 3 people about 4 miles from us. During the storm, we were locked into the museum. What a bunch of wimps.

     Right now, at 2 AM, the wind is blowing at 22 MPH. The RV is a rocking. We intend to leave for North Carolina in the morning. Are you in suspense? Tune in tomorrow to see what happens.


Technical Stuff:

76.8 total miles today

17.6 MPG

4 thoughts on “Newport News, Virginia

    1. Although they discovered the ship in 1973, they have not been able to raise it because of cost. However, they do have on display at the museum items from the ship, including some cannons and personal gear of the sailors.

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