A day of rest


Day 5


     It was a beautiful day, raining and foggy, plus winds from yesterday’s tornado remaining at 20 mph gusting to 40 mph. Your perspective changes when you are retired with nothing to do but travel around the Country. Because of the high wind gusts, we decided to spend another day in Williamsburg.

     We spent the day laying around, enjoying our new 5th Wheel. We did manage to spend some time organizing the things we brought with us. Making a list of items to return to Maryland and items we need to add.  Like any new venture you say “Why didn’t I think to bring that” or “Why did we bring all these extra things?”

I see that the rain has stopped. Would you like a tour of the outside of our RV?

It's not much, but we call it home.
It’s not much, but we call it home.
The RV and truck barley fit in our space.
The RV and truck barely fit in our space.

We carry two 30 pound (8 gallons) propane tanks that provide our heat, hot water, and cooking flame. We have 100 cu. ft. of basement storage space, plus a small storage area by our  5.5 KW generator:


 _DSC0395 _DSC0398

It has hydraulic jacks and a self leveling system._DSC0404 _DSC0419Our water is either supplied by the campground, or we can draw on our 40 gallon fresh water tank.

_DSC0426We installed a water filtration system (blue cylinder), and it has plumbing for an outside shower to which I put a multipurpose nozzle. _DSC0425

_DSC0424It has a roof antenna, as well has hookups for cable or satellite TV. _DSC0407

We are powered by 50 amp campground electricity, to which we added a surge protector

_DSC0413 _DSC0412

When we are not hooked up to electricity, we have 4 six volt batteries. Each two sets are wired in series, to give us 12 volts, then each series is wired in parallel, which gives us the equivalent of two twelve volt batteries. Of course, we also have the above generator.


We have a 20 cu. ft. refrigerator. When we are using battery power, we have a 1000 watt inverter that converts 12 volts to 110 to run the fridge.


_DSC0408We have 3 holding tanks for waste (we are shitty people). Each holds 40 gallons. One for kitchen water, one for showers and bathroom sink. And one for our poop. _DSC0411 _DSC0409We installed a visual attachment to our waste water hose so we can see our poop go away.

We have the Cedar Creek graphics package to round out our home on wheels._DSC0396_DSC0415_DSC0421_DSC0423


Technical Stuff:

Miles driven 0

MPG 2,500

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