Four Oaks, North Carolina

    Day 6

     It is a beautiful day, the rain and wind have stopped. Time to move on toward the warm weather of Florida. We are still learning how to pack the RV so that things don’t break as we travel down the road…..We are STILL learning. Fortunately, we can spend the money that would go to our son and granddaughters to replace these items. Sorry guys, fend for yourself. Grandma Barbara is spending your money.

     We traveled 4 hours to Four Oaks, North Carolina for a 3 day stay to visit the surrounding area. Again, we are still learning how to level the RV. The 3 slide outs cannot be employed until the unit is level.The automatic leveler is not that automatic, probably because we are not doing it correctly. The manuals that came with the Cedar Creek were not that detailed or informative. Trial and error is how we are learning. It is amazing how much error exists. 


Technical Stuff:

201.5 miles traveled today

10.4 mpg

$1.79/gallon Diesel fuel

5 thoughts on “Four Oaks, North Carolina

  1. Hi Nadine. We haven’t thought that far ahead. This is sort of a 3 day, plus 3 day event, as we sort things out and figure out what we are doing. We plan to be back in Maryland in May for our granddaughters graduation from George Mason University in Virginia, Then we are flying to Alabama for Barbara’s family’s get-to-gether, That is in Orange Beach. We will be there a week and then flying pack to Maryland to pick up the 5th wheel. Then where ever the wind takes us.

    For now, we are heading to Florida, thinking of going down the Keys. We have until the end of April before we have to turn around. We are open to suggestions.

  2. Our Cedar Creek manuals also were not informative. We had issues with jacks and slides on day 1, I believe they are fixed now. Supposedly Forrest River will send actual user manuals to the owners about their actual unit. We have asked, they have not been sent. Let me know if you find where to get them. Ours is so generic it basically told us we bought an RV. Lol!

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