Raleigh, North Carolina

Day 7


     Raleigh is the Capital of North Carolina. About the same as Baltimore, except the people talk funny.

Actually, Raleigh is much cleaner than Baltimore.


Upon our arrival we were embraced by the local people.


     We walked around the Capital building and had lunch at a neat hot dog joint called “Tasty 8’s Gourmet hot dogs”.

We then visited the local museums.image




imageActually, it is a brown pelican




Actually, it’s a brown pelican.


Technical Stuff:


     Never having used propane before I did not realize how it was measured. Spending the time in our driveway we went through the first tank in 3 days because of the cold temperature down to 4 degrees. A neighbor told us that the local hardware store, 2 miles from our house, filled propane tanks. We took our 30 pound tank to them and I asked to watch as they filled. The tank has marked on it that it weighs 25 lbs. empty. The attendant weighed the tank and added 30 lbs. of propane to make the new total tank weight 55 lbs. They charged 79 cents a pound. which came to $25.13 including tax.

     When we got to Williamsburg, I asked at the RV park the price of propane and was told $2.92. I mentioned that is quite a jump from what I paid at home of 79 cents. The reply was she could not buy it wholesale at that price.

     Barbara then called around to find other suppliers of propane and learned that the quote we got at the campground was per gallon of propane, 7.2 to fill our tank, and not per pound. So, as it turned out, the cost at the RV park was less expensive than the cost at home.

     If any of my readers who use propane can further enlighten me, please leave a comment. How do I measure the amount remaining in the tank? The gauge on my tanks are either all red (empty) or all green (full) but no graduation in between.

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