Grassy Key, Florida

Day 32


     We set out 6 initial destinations we wanted to achieve during our five year journey: The Florida Keys, Mt. Rushmore, Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, New Mexico (for the Hot Air Balloon Festival), Death Valley, and as far north you can go on paved roads toward the North Pole (not necessarly in that order).  Today, as we traveled the Overseas Highway, Florida, entering the Keys through Key Largo, we achieved the first of our destinations.

Of course, the first thing we did after setting up our site, was to eat frog legs, and key lime pie.

Technical Stuff:

West Palm Beach Florida to GrassyKey, Florida 168.9 miles

Travel Time: 4 hours 37 minutes

11.9 MPG

Diesel: $2.14

Boco Raton, Florida

Day 31

     The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is a great place for kids. When Mary Martin, playing Peter Pan, looked into the camera and said “promise you won’t grow up”, I promised. Therefore I fit right in as a kid.

     The place is named after one of the dominant trees in the area. As we were walking down one of the nature trails and Barbara was describing the trees from the guidebook, I asked her if she new which one was the Gumbo Limbo? When she responded that she did not, I told her, “then it is this one.” Pointing to the tree that I happened to be standing next too. Then, from the guide, she described the tree as having a distinctive pealing red bark. Turned out that was the tree I was standing next too. Boy am I smart.

Steven and Barbara at Gumbo Limbo Tree

     The Center had an amazing aquarium from which you could view fish, turtles and and other sea creatures from above, as well as below.

day 31 (2)

They had stingrays


day 31 (22)

even sea horses

day 31 (6)

as well as fish I have never heard of

day 31 (43)


day 31 (50)

Thirty Day Mark

Day 30

     It has now been 30 days living full time in our 5th Wheel, which we are now calling “The Sphinx” because of it’s size. Each of the 30 days has brought a new challenge, which we, for the most part, have overcome. I wanted to explain some of those challenges, and how we solved them, but Barbara says it would be too gross. Suffice it to say there is a lot to know about water conservation and waste management.

     For those that want to know: “did we make the right decision in giving up our 2,800 sq. ft. home on an acre of wooded countryside land for a 240 sq. ft. home on wheels?” YES. We have not regretted it for 1 minute. Despite the challenges and obstacles, we are having the time of our lives. Actually the challenges are part of the adventure. 

     We will be returning to Maryland for our granddaughter’s graduation from George Mason University in May, and then we will be flying to Alabama for a get together of Barbara’s family for a week’s vacation. I wanted to drive the Sphinx there, but Barbara said the time frame between Graduation and the Family get together was too short (another boxing match I lost).

     After Alabama, we will be attending the Maryland State Firemen’s Convention in Ocean City, Maryland, as I am still the Chairman of a Committee until June. After that, it is wherever the wind takes us.

     For now, we are continuing our travels in Florida.

Lake Worth, Florida

Day 29


     Continuing our journey South toward the Florida Keys, we stayed at our first County Park Campground. John Prince Park in Lake Worth, Fl. The cost was much less than some of the other places we stayed, and the facilities much nicer. We stopped to spend time with some of my relatives, both here and in Sarasota. It is great being able to travel around the Country to see family. Sorry, no pictures of relatives. I don’t think they would appreciate having their mugs splashed over the internet.

Technical Stuff:

Arcadia, Fl. to Lake Worth, Fl. 168.8 miles

Time: 4 hours 37 minutes.

10.1 mpg

Bradenton, Florida

Day 28

Greetings from Day 28 (7) Day 28 (8)Mixon’s Grove, a Citrus Fruit Farm.

     Can’t visit Florida without visiting an Orange Grove. It turns out this is not the harvesting season. The orange juice I tasted was not as good as Bayside Skillet in Ocean City, Maryland, the best fresh squeezed orange juice I have ever tasted.

The Mixon Fruit Farm tour was given by a lifelong orange grower.

Day 28 (20)
It doesn’t matter the uniform

Day 28 (21)

They not only grow oranges, but other citrus fruits as well. Day 28 (19) Day 28 (10) Day 28 (9) Day 28 (6) Day 28 (5)


     Can you tell what they are? Neither can I. They are various oranges (including Valencia and Naval), lemons, limes, grapefruit, and something that is like a grapefruit, but is not. Day 28 (18)

They even had coconut trees.

     Part of the tour included rescued animals by Wildlife, Inc. they use part of the farm’s land for rehabilitation of the animals, and education of the public through a live exhibit.  

Day 28 (12)


Day 28 (13)They had baby alligators, python snake, Day 28 (14)Day 28 (15)Day 28 (16)raccoon, skunks,

hawks, a bob cat and even a hick turtle

Day 28 (17)

      We then walked through their gardens Day 28 (1)




To their fish pond.Day 28 (2) Day 28 (3)Where we were met with open mouths.

     These things are running around all over Florida. Day 28 (11)




     They are called Anoles, a harmless lizard. Would you like me to bring one home to you?



Day 26

    OK, before I tell you, do you know what the title of this article means? I will give you a hint. We are in Sarasota Florida. No? How about a picture:

Day 26 (58)  Still no?



Now you know.

Day 26 (45)

      Yep. Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily Circus Museum. We thought we would spend a couple hours here, then spend the rest of the day at Siesta Key, because I liked the name, and then watch the sunset.

     Wrong, we spend 6 hours on the Museum grounds before they kicked us out for closing. We never got to the Art Museum of John Ringling, which is supposed to be one of the best collections on the East Coast for European art.

We did get to see the Rose Garden: Day 26 (5) Day 26 (11) Day 26 (10)

And his home:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look, I learned another new thing, a slide show.

Release the Kracken

As was expected, it was lavishly designed and furnished

with multicolored windows to give each room a different hue

Day 26 (20)

Simon says “everyone look up, but keep your mouth closed”.

We also visited the very cool Circus Museum:

Day 26 (50)

So that’s where animal crackers come from

Day 26 (51)

Not enough room to put up and down.

Day 26 (49)
Self Portrait in the funny mirror


Day 26 (47)
It is not easy being the last elephant (the view sucks).



Day 26 (54)
Eventually, they rode me out on a donkey

After being kicked out, we went to Lido Key. Lots of Birds.

We sat to relax in what happened to be feeding time for the pelicans.

Day 26 (85)

they would fly, looking for their fish, then dive straight down into the water to nail them.

Then eat them, take off, and repeat the process. Sorry you can’t hear Barbara doing the sound effects for the dive:

— yee-alm —- boom.

Meanwhile, down a little way, sail boats were coming in for the evening, when one tipped over

They eventually righted themselves and made it safely to shore.

And so ends another broadcast day.



But wait, here is a candid shot of Barbara, don’t tell her I took this:Day 26 (26)