Raleigh Oaks RV Resort

Day 8 & 9

     We spent 3 nights at Raleigh Oaks RV Resort. The current owners purchased the resort from the KOA organization, but it is now their private resort no longer associated with KOA (Kampgrounds of America), a national organization of camp grounds.


The Campground has 150 RV sites, 30 cottages,_DSC0444 _DSC0447 2 full size swimming pools, a spa, fitness center, numerous game courts as well as a tennis court. Obviously, this time of year, a lot of the amenities were closed. They serve complimentary coffee, juice and waffles each morning. The employees could not do enough for you.

Most of the sites are pull through, no backing up. All had picnic table, fire pit, water, electric, and waste disposable._DSC0442

Like most RV parks, the sites are close together._DSC0443





Technical Stuff:

     When we hooked up our cable to the park’s cable outlet at our first RV park, Williamsburg, VA., to our new 48″ HD TV, the station’s came in with lots of static. The stations over our roof antenna, came in clearer, but some still with snow. When we hooked up our cable to the outlet at the Raleigh Oaks Resort, the same thing. We asked the host if their was a problem with their cable, they asked if I turned on my booster. I did not know I had a booster, much less as how to turn it on. I had no idea even where it was.

     She was kind enough to send over one of her employees with a lot of experience with RVs. He was at my RV before I could walk from the resort office back. He pointed out that each RV is different, but each has a switch which must be activated to transfer the signal to the TV from antenna to cable and back.

     He first looked at my TV, not their, next at the wiring coming into the RV, not there, next at the bedroom TV, not there. I informed him there was a box with switches down low behind the main stereo system, not there.   I then remembered that one of the cabinets below and to the left side of the TV had a box with a cable. That is where it was. It was a black small push button, mounted on a black box in a dark cabinet. I could have looked for a year and not found it.

     How many other things are lurking in hidden places on this unit that I don’t even know enough to ask where they are?


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