Hunting Island, South Carolina

Day 13

Finally, we are South enough that flowers are blooming.

     Another beautiful day. Actually every day is a beautiful day when you’re retired, even when it is windy and raining. Although it was a sunny, clear, cloudless sky day; as I write this at 2 in the morning, it is pouring. What a beautiful day.

     Exploring the Islands, we went to Hunting Island State Park for some hiking. Plenty of wildlife. Day 13 (18)Don’t step on the alligator.

Do you recognize the diamond back turtle?Day 13 (2)

We went out on the pier, then into the woods for a hike across the river to the Atlantic Ocean.

It was so windy the red flag warning was displayed.Day 13 (17)

     Down by the ocean was the graveyard of all the debris of the previous storms. It was neat.

We next went to the lighthouse of Hunting Island.Day 13 (20) Day 13 (19) Day 13 (22) Day 13 (21)

     We rounded out the day with a leisurely dinner on Lady’s Island, where we ate seafood that slept the previous night in the Beaufort River. The view from our table was exquisite.Day 13 (1)

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