Port Royal, South Carolina

Day 15

     On our way to Port Royal, we stopped at Fort Fremont on St. Helena Island, South Carolina. It was built at the beginning of the Spanish-American War to protect the U.S. Naval Station in Port Royal.

Day 15 (1)Day 15 (29)


    Since no part of the Spanish-American War took place in the States, the fort never engaged in battle.

    Port Royal was a disappointment, as I expected stories of Pirates and Swashbucklers.

Day 15 (5)Day 15 (3)

     Being the first settlement on the continent, I also expected elegant homes.

Day 15 (4) They did a poor job of upkeep.




 However, there was an oyster festival going on, and I got to shuck my first oyster. A skill omitted in my traditional upbringing. Day 15 (6)





On our way back home, it is weird calling a trailer home,  we stopped at The Cypress Wetlands of Port Royal.

Day 15 (8) Day 15 (10) Day 15 (17)It was a green goo, but had some neat birds. Click on a picture for an up close and personal view.

Day 15 (9) Day 15 (19) Day 15 (27) Day 15 (25)

3 thoughts on “Port Royal, South Carolina

  1. You were thinking of the Port Royal located at the end of the Palisadoes at the mouth of the Kingston Harbor, in southeastern Jamaica during the 17th century.
    I’m glad you can now stand in for Jack the shucker at Christmas time.

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