Amelia Island, Florida

Day 17


     Fort Clinch is another one of those forts that never fired a shot, or received a shot. Built about 20 years before the Civil War, the Southerners never bothered to put the cannons in (probably why they lost the war. Plan ahead guys, if your going to poke the bear, be prepared). At the beginning of the Civil War the Confederates occupied the fort. When they heard that a regiment of Union soldiers were sailing down from New York, they abandoned the fort, allowing the Union troops to enter without resistance.  The Union Soldiers fortified the fort with cannons and other defenses, but never were engaged by the Confederates.Day 17 (7)


They had a unique flagDay 17 (18)

Day 17 (8)









Day 17 (9)


Day 17 (21)





Barbara really goes for the guys in uniform.


Day 17 (15) Day 17 (10)


     Also on  Amelia Island is the Fernandina Historic District. This was a popular area from the end of the Civil War until the first decade of the 1900’s. The wealthy came from New York to take advantage of the South’s loss.

Day 17 (34)

Barbara chats with one of the locals.

They had some neat Inns:

Day 17 (37) Day 17 (38)


Peg leg Mike was there also, but left his parrot home.  Day 17 (33) 

Technical Stuff:

Diesel: $1.88 gallon







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