Old Town Arcadia, Florida

Added picture of Barbara Singing at the Opera House in Arcadia, Florida. Not sure how this reblog post works, yet.

The 5th Wheel

Day 23

The old town of Arcadia was established in 1886._DSC0792      Typical of towns at that time, it had shops, general and special stores, entertainment and necessities. Some of the original buildings are still standing, with most of them converted into antique shops. Day 24 (5)     The most impressive was the Opera House. Now a museum and antique shop, it has a lot of the original items, including stage scenes, projectors, spotlights, and posters.

     I had a photo of Barbara singing on the Opera House stage. I think she founded it and deleted it. Ah Ha, found it.Barbara

     There was a QR code that brought me to a self guided tour and history of Arcadia. If you are interested (and why would you be?) here is the link: http://selfguidedtour.historicdesoto.org/

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  1. Testing out my ability to leave a comment. I will think of you tonight as we are going to Plaza Mexico for dinner. Safe travels.

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