Day 26

    OK, before I tell you, do you know what the title of this article means? I will give you a hint. We are in Sarasota Florida. No? How about a picture:

Day 26 (58)  Still no?



Now you know.

Day 26 (45)

      Yep. Ringling Brothers Barnum & Baily Circus Museum. We thought we would spend a couple hours here, then spend the rest of the day at Siesta Key, because I liked the name, and then watch the sunset.

     Wrong, we spend 6 hours on the Museum grounds before they kicked us out for closing. We never got to the Art Museum of John Ringling, which is supposed to be one of the best collections on the East Coast for European art.

We did get to see the Rose Garden: Day 26 (5) Day 26 (11) Day 26 (10)

And his home:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look, I learned another new thing, a slide show.

Release the Kracken

As was expected, it was lavishly designed and furnished

with multicolored windows to give each room a different hue

Day 26 (20)

Simon says “everyone look up, but keep your mouth closed”.

We also visited the very cool Circus Museum:

Day 26 (50)

So that’s where animal crackers come from

Day 26 (51)

Not enough room to put up and down.

Day 26 (49)
Self Portrait in the funny mirror


Day 26 (47)
It is not easy being the last elephant (the view sucks).



Day 26 (54)
Eventually, they rode me out on a donkey

After being kicked out, we went to Lido Key. Lots of Birds.

We sat to relax in what happened to be feeding time for the pelicans.

Day 26 (85)

they would fly, looking for their fish, then dive straight down into the water to nail them.

Then eat them, take off, and repeat the process. Sorry you can’t hear Barbara doing the sound effects for the dive:

— yee-alm —- boom.

Meanwhile, down a little way, sail boats were coming in for the evening, when one tipped over

They eventually righted themselves and made it safely to shore.

And so ends another broadcast day.



But wait, here is a candid shot of Barbara, don’t tell her I took this:Day 26 (26)



5 thoughts on “RBB&BC

  1. Love it

    You are correct, you can’t capture Barbara’s sound for the pelicans.

    Love the photo of Barbara – you’ll have tell me how closely it looks like her.


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