Thirty Day Mark

Day 30

     It has now been 30 days living full time in our 5th Wheel, which we are now calling “The Sphinx” because of it’s size. Each of the 30 days has brought a new challenge, which we, for the most part, have overcome. I wanted to explain some of those challenges, and how we solved them, but Barbara says it would be too gross. Suffice it to say there is a lot to know about water conservation and waste management.

     For those that want to know: “did we make the right decision in giving up our 2,800 sq. ft. home on an acre of wooded countryside land for a 240 sq. ft. home on wheels?” YES. We have not regretted it for 1 minute. Despite the challenges and obstacles, we are having the time of our lives. Actually the challenges are part of the adventure. 

     We will be returning to Maryland for our granddaughter’s graduation from George Mason University in May, and then we will be flying to Alabama for a get together of Barbara’s family for a week’s vacation. I wanted to drive the Sphinx there, but Barbara said the time frame between Graduation and the Family get together was too short (another boxing match I lost).

     After Alabama, we will be attending the Maryland State Firemen’s Convention in Ocean City, Maryland, as I am still the Chairman of a Committee until June. After that, it is wherever the wind takes us.

     For now, we are continuing our travels in Florida.

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