Boco Raton, Florida

Day 31

     The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is a great place for kids. When Mary Martin, playing Peter Pan, looked into the camera and said “promise you won’t grow up”, I promised. Therefore I fit right in as a kid.

     The place is named after one of the dominant trees in the area. As we were walking down one of the nature trails and Barbara was describing the trees from the guidebook, I asked her if she new which one was the Gumbo Limbo? When she responded that she did not, I told her, “then it is this one.” Pointing to the tree that I happened to be standing next too. Then, from the guide, she described the tree as having a distinctive pealing red bark. Turned out that was the tree I was standing next too. Boy am I smart.

Steven and Barbara at Gumbo Limbo Tree

     The Center had an amazing aquarium from which you could view fish, turtles and and other sea creatures from above, as well as below.

day 31 (2)

They had stingrays


day 31 (22)

even sea horses

day 31 (6)

as well as fish I have never heard of

day 31 (43)


day 31 (50)

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