Islamorada, Florida

Day 34


     The History of Diving Museum was more than I expected when I paid my eleven dollars. It was a very hands on museum which covered all the aspects of the origins of diving, from Aristotle to present day. Although they did not mention my favorite diver, Lloyd Bridges of Sea Hunt. I learned a lot, like Edmond Halley (of Halley’s Comet fame) perfected the diving bell to allow divers to have an external air source.

Day 34 (10)Day 34 (21)







They even had a mermaidDay 34 (20)



Is this fish giving you the evil eye?Day 34 (27)





Day 34 (35)








Technical Stuff:

     To see where we are, click on the following PDF link (It will download the file, which you will then open. I don’t know how this works on your mobile phone. I don’t think it will blow it up, but I don’t really know):

Scheinins in the Florida Keys

Diesel $2.06 gallon

4 thoughts on “Islamorada, Florida

  1. Hi, Steven- yes your PDF opens on my phone and I can enlarge it and read it fine. If you’re in Marathon Key, why does your post say Islamorada? Anyway, no big. Thanks for the pix. I’m really enjoying living vicariously thru you guys. Enjoy!

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