Marathon, Florida Keys

Day 35

     Took a tour of Crane Point, a nature preserve in Marathon, the city we are staying. I was curious about the coral from which the keys were formed. I wasn’t sure if the “rocks” we saw were in fact coral. Our guide did not know.

Day 35 (6) Day 35 (5) Day 35 (7)













  Got my chance to be a pirate captainDay 35 (15)

The Captain didn’t agree, and I had to deal with him.Day 35 (17)







     It was either get the shot or save Barbara.Day 35 (23) Sorry, no more pictures of Barbara.

     While in the keys, we (now me) try to eat dinner at places that lift the fish right out of the sea and serve it. Here we watched as the pelicans raided the fish locker when the Captain wasn’t lookingDay 35 (29)

As the fishing boats came in with their catch, we got to watch an expert at work.

He threw the non usable parts to the waiting pelicans

 And the finished product

      Obviously, Barbara doesn’t preview my posts.



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