Cypress National Preserve

Day 39


    We decided to be more adventurous by making our next stay with limited facilities. For the first 38 days we made it as easy on ourselves as possible, until we learn the basics of the RV life. We only camped in areas off a major highway. We always had full hook-up, that is water, electric, and sewer. All 3 are hooked up to The Sphinx. We tried to get a site we can pull straight through, although the last 2 were back in, which we are getting the hang of.

    Today’s destination was a National Park in the Florida Everglades. It advertised as only back in sites, no sewer or water hook-ups. Only rigs that are self-sustaining, which our is, were permitted.

    Because we have a residential refrigerator and two air conditioners, we require 50 amps of power. The National Park only offered 30-amp service. Anticipating this type of situation, I had purchased a dog-bone plug converter from 30 to 50 amps. This allows my 50 amp plug to hook up to a 30-amp supply. My major concern was not making too much power demand from the 30-amp supply, which I have been told, will blow fuses or breakers in my rig. And, if that happens, we know I won’t be able to find the blown fuse or breaker.

    The campground had 26 RV sites and an area for tent camping in a semi-circle around a lake about 300 feet long by 60 feet wide. The camp host told us that there were 2 resident alligators in the lake, and there were signs everywhere telling you not to feed them and not to swim in the lake.

    The sites were much wider than our previous two sites, and fortunately for us, they, in fact, had 50-amp service.Day 40 (189)

Technical Stuff

  Although it has been 39 days (plus 14 days in our driveway) I am still figuring out stuff. 

     We decided to have pizza for dinner tonight. Since Domino’s doesn’t deliver to the Everglades, we chose Digiorno.  We have a 3 burner propane stove with oven. The burners on top have a “clicker” switch to light. You turn on the gas and rotate the switch to create an electronic spark to ignite the gas. The oven requires me to get down on the floor while Barbara turns on the gas, which I ignite with a match or butane lighter. Down on the floor I am, won’t light. Don’t know if you just turn the knob to “pilot”, turn and push in the knob, or turn on the gas all the way. Of course, no manual came with the oven. Now, I am approaching 70 years old, and this is no easy task. Getting down is OK, getting up not so. Finally, we both realize (now don’t forget, we both have advanced college degrees, and are professionals in our respected fields) we forgot to turn back on the propane cylinders we had shut off for safety reasons during travel. Turned on the propane tanks, back down on the floor to finally light the oven. Then we burned the pizza.

Grassy Key, Fl. to Cypress National Preserve, Fl.   135.4 miles

11.6 mpg

3 hours 14 minutes


6 thoughts on “Cypress National Preserve

  1. Glad to see those college degrees finally coming in handy! I thought you were going to tell us that you lost the eyebrows after having the gas light up while you were on the ground. You would think after all the money you spent it would be easier to light the stove. Keep up the good work!

  2. This is the best adventure yet – turning on the oven!! Of course you burned the pizza, wouldn’t be a story if you didn’t. Mmmm, wonder if the campsite had alligator meat.

    That was a nice camp site – better than the one near us where you stayed.


    1. Unfortunately, National Park, no campfires allowed. Most people came for one night only on their way somewhere else. We used it as a base to visit the various sites in the Everglades. We originally planned on staying 3 nights, but with so much to see we stayed 6 nights.

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