Silver Spring, Florida

Day 60

Since the late 1800’s Silver Springs, Floridaday 60 (1) has been a Mecca for those seeking warm climate from the harsh north and those looking for medicinal remedy in the warm Spring waters. From the 1920’s until Walt Disney showed up, it was the biggest tourist attraction in Florida.

We took a tour on a glass bottom boat. day 60 (19) day 60 (5) day 60 (6) day 60 (4) day 60 (7) day 60 (12)The tours in these vessels have been going on for the last 100 years.















We saw turtles both below and above the waterday 60 (9) day 60 (8)






The depth was an average of 25 feet. With the deepest part, where the spring actually begins, 85 feet.

They say if you have your picture taken on this looped palm, you will have 5 years of good luckday 60 (11)




We had several pictures takenday 60 (15)






We then walked around the springs

day 60 (14)





and relaxed in the beauty

day 60 (20)




I sat with Chief Osceola. day 60 (17)He did not call himself a Native American. He called himself a Seminole Warrior. He was responsible for defying the Indian Relocation Act (not Native American Relocation Act) and keeping the Seminole’s fighting the US.  Osceola led the war of resistance until September 1837 when he went to a US fort for peace talks. While under a flag of truce he was captured. He died a short time later in captivity.

Of course, we had ice cream. I live by two maxims: Chocolate cures everything, and you must have ice cream every day.

day 60 (21)





Back at the ranch, we watched a beautiful sunsetday 60 (2)






After which Barbara slaved over a hot fire making dinner

day 60 (3)





For desert, we made s’mores

Does life get any better than this?

day 60 (18)





Bee seeing ya.

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