Dade Battlefield, Florida

Day 49

    Major Francis L. Dade, for whom the County and battlefield are named, was an early causality of the the battle that led to the 2nd of 3 Seminole wars. It appears that after the War of 1812, General Andrew Jackson was ordered to remove the Seminole Indians from Florida to Oklahoma. Evidently, he was quite brutal in his efforts. When he became President, he continued this endeavor.

    We visited the Dade Battlefield in Bushnell, Florida, where Major Dade was leading a US military force of 107 men from Fort Brooke (now Tampa Florida) to reinforce Fort King (now Ocala Florida) when he was attacked by 180 Seminole warriors. Only 3 of the soldiers survived, while the Indians only suffered minor casualties. The Seminole’s considered it a major victory.


Seminole Indian Reservation, Cypress Swamp, Florida

Day 42

     On the Seminole Indian Reservation, Barbara pointed me out for the warriors (I guess for the alligator mishap).

Day 42 (2)

     It appears that for 40 years the US Government tried to move the Seminole Indians from Florida to Oklahoma. The Seminoles did not want to go, and there was War. The US classified them as three separate wars ( I could put the dates here, but do you really care?). The Seminoles considered it one long war. Finally, the US said, after spending 50 million dollars, and losing 2000 soldiers, that most of the Seminoles had been killed or moved to Oklahoma, and declared the 3rd Seminole War over. The Seminoles position is that there were 840 of them still living in the Everglades, where the US couldn’t find them, and since no peace treaty was signed, they won the war. Sounds logical to me.

     Time to mail our taxes and absentee ballots. In the Everglades, not much of a Postal system. They are only open 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon.

Day 42 (1)

Technical Stuff:

No cell phone reception. I guess they still use smoke signals.

Florida Everglades, Part 1

Day 40

 Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades was teaming with life. From flowers

 Day 40 (137)


To Insects Day 40 (128)

 To Fish Day 40 (124)

 To Birds

To Alligators

Day 40 (169)

My, what big teeth you have, Grandma!

 And even baby Alligators

     Meanwhile, back as the ranch, we went looking for the alligators that the camp host indicated were in the lake. Sure enough, we found him (or her, Barbara did not want to check) directly across the lake from The Sphinx, laying in the grass, getting a tan.

Day 40 (184)