Pocahontas State Park, Virginia

Day 75

     We are now meandering our way back to Maryland for our Granddaughter’s graduation from college.

     We decide to spend a few days at Pocahontas State Park in Virginia. Because their season is Memorial Day to Labor Day, there were over a dozen spots for the Sphinx. We walked around looking at the various available spots. We found one perfectly level, in a treed secluded area. Perfect. No sooner had we set ourselves up, when a thunderstorm hit the area. After it was over, we looked out and found we were surrounded by a moat.

Day 75 (8) Day 75 (4) Day 75 (2) Day 75 (6) Day 75 (5) Day 75 (3)

     Because the spot was so level, the water did not drain. No problem, we used our leveling blocks to build a boardwalk.

Day 75 (13) Day 75 (12)

Day 75 (15) Day 75 (16)

      Later, we walked around the park and saw we were the only ones underwater. Boy, can we pick em?

Technical Stuff:

Wilson, NC to Chester, VA   136.9 miles

2 hours 42 minutes

11.5 MPG

Diesel 2.06 gallon


2 thoughts on “Pocahontas State Park, Virginia

  1. The others must have had a good laugh watching to pick this spot. Maybe they knew something.

    Happy mother’s day to Barbara



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