Back On the Road Again

Day 79

     Our one granddaughter graduated college, got a job and is moving into her own place. Our other granddaughter got a new job with better pay and has joined the fire department to be with her dad. I concluded my responsibilities with the fire department at the Ocean City, Maryland, Convention. Our work here is done.

     We are now back on the road. I had hoped to spend some of the time between my granddaughter’s graduation and the fire convention by going to Western Maryland. However (don’t you hate that word, it always foretells gloom), while the Sphinx (our RV) was at the dealers for routine maintenance, one of their employees ran into it with a fork lift. While the damage was minor, we did have to take it to a repair facility, wait for parts, etc.

     Now we are back in the Sphinx. We have packed it with supplies and clothes. The refrigerator and pantry are full. We are headed, at a very leisurely pace, in a westerly direction toward Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

    Our first stop, Gettysburg, Pa.  As you might remember from High School, the battle  was fought July 1–3, 1863.  We thought it would be cool to be here for the anniversary.  We plan on staying in Gettysburg for a week so as not drive during the holiday weekend.

 Technical Stuff

Baldwin, Md. to Gettysburg Pa. 70.6 miles

10.1 MPG

2 hours 45 minutes

Diesel: $2.15


4 thoughts on “Back On the Road Again

  1. Happy 4th of July! I hope you have a safe and enjoyable trip west. We did a bus tour in ’09 of Mt. Rushmore, etc. It was all so awesome as the historical sights were monumental and the terrain was so different from the east coast. Presume you will keep us posted on all your travels.
    Congrats on retiring from your many years of commitment with the fire dept. Have fun!! Anne H.

  2. I’ve missed the blogs. We were in OC the same time as you. We came up to Baltimore for several different activities, an going to OC (we stay in OC, but shop in rehoboth) with friends. Saw the fire trucks while we were driving to OC. Great story about the forklift I’ve been to mt. Rushmore – or as I call it ‘the talking heads.’ We are in NY with friends and my cousin on my father’s side).

    Say hi to Barb



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