Harmony, Pennsylvania

Day 86

     Harmony, Pennsylvania, was established in 1804 by a German weaver, turned Profit, who came here with a small following to set up a religious community. He established the Harmony Society in which his followers gave up their worldly possessions. In return, the Society provided the necessities of life as well as religious and educational instruction. His Utopia lasted about 10 years with a following of 1,000 members. At that time, the War of 1812 was in progress and Harmony became the center of troop movement going north and south, interfering with the Society’s desire to be separatists. They sold their land to the Mennonites and moved to Indiana. 

The diesel dilemma:

     Since this trip would be over 250 miles, we knew we would have to stop for fuel. About the half way mark we stopped at one of the rest areas on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Since truckers would stop there for fuel we figured the fuel islands would be big enough to get the truck and Sphinx in. 

     Sure enough, the island were plenty wide for our combination. I pulled up to a pump, but it had no place to insert my credit card or pay at the pump. Barbara pointed out that the pump said “bio-diesel”, which my truck is not equipped to take. We maneuvered to the next island, which did have pay at the pump, but it would not accept my credit card. Went inside and spoke with the fuel cashier who informed me only fleet credit cards are accepted at that pump, but she could take my card inside. Pre paid for fuel and went back to the island. The pump nozzle had a flange at the end, which is not the normal diesel nozzle. Barbara pointed to a sign over head that said “high speed diesel”. Never heard of high speed diesel. Back inside to talk to the cashier. High speed diesel is for tractor trailers only. 

     She directed me to the pumps were autos were fueling up. I could use my credit card at the pump. Fortunately, there was a diesel pump on the end island that I could maneuver my truck pulling the Sphinx to get my tank adjacent to the pump. Trouble was, after fueling, I was facing the wrong direction to the exit. However, there was enough room to make a “U” turn so I could exit back to the turnpike.

Technical Stuff

Gettysburg, Pa. to Harmony, Pa. 263.3 miles

5 hours 24 minutes

10.4 MPG

Diesel $2.70 gallon


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