Rutherford B. Hayes

Day 93_DSC3542

     Visited the home, library and museum of President Rutherford B. Hayes in Fremont, Ohio.

     Barbara gave a  presidential talk to the media:_DSC3544



     I took time out to catch up on some correspondence._DSC3575

                             The desk I am sitting is the Resolute Desk given to President Hayes by Queen Victoria, November, 1880. You might remember this desk from the Nicholas Cage movie, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, in which he sought information he believed hidden in the desk’s secret compartments. 


     My friend John also used this desk for a few years.

Kennedy     Afterwards, we attended a concert and ice cream social on the Veranda of President Hayes’ house._DSC3585

_DSC3583 _DSC3587 _DSC3589


4 thoughts on “Rutherford B. Hayes

  1. Thanks for sharing your presidential encounters!! I hope the weather has been tolerable. Presume you’lol go through IL. Kiss the Land of Lincoln for me!! Will you have a chance to stop in Springfield to see his museum? It’s well worth the time as well as his home. Westward Ho!! Anne H.

  2. You look good behind the desk. Steven Scheinin for President!

    And Barbara Scheinin for Press Secretary.


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