Milan, Ohio

Day 96Day 96 3630_Fotor

     Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio on . . . . .  . I am not going to tell you, or tell you about Milan, Ohio, with a fascinating history, because my sister says I blog too much history. 

     However, I will leave you with the following to figure out:


Day 96 3627_Fotor

Day 96 3625_Fotor



7 thoughts on “Milan, Ohio

  1. I like the history. Now you are going to make me work to figure the signs out. Is there a cheat-sheet you’ll send us to let us know what is being said?


  2. I disagree with your sister, whoever she is. We love the history lessons. Some of us didn’t pay attention in history class in school. Now that we are retired, we have the time and interest in learning about things older than us, if that is possible.

  3. I never heard of most of the historical facts you have come up with. Please continue. I figured out the second chart but not the first.
    I’ll be in North Dakota next week. Do you plan to make it that far?

  4. Thank you, I will continue with the history. I think I figured out the first one, but not part of the second. I am not sure if the first figure is an O or a mirror. Do you want me to tell you what I think the first one is?

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