Farmington, Michigan

Day 97

     The last time I visited Farmington, Michigan, 42 years ago, I stayed with my friend and her family who lived on a 40 acre working farm. My sister and I came up to visit and ski. I called my friend from Sandusky to let her know we were in the area, and could we stay a few days on her farm. My thought was we would set up on a secluded area of the farm to be out of the way. 

     When I arrived today, I was shocked to see that over the last 42 years the farm had been sold off in parcels, so that now it was just over 2 acres, and no longer used as a farm.

     Nevertheless, we were able to set up in back of the old farmhouse. It gave us a chance, for the first time, to live off using the batteries only. Our electrical system is divided. All lights, water and heater pump, jacks and leveling system, slide outs, and refrigerator run off the batteries, which are 4 six volts wired in series and parallel. The refrigerator actually runs on 110 volt power, but we have a 1000 watt inverter that converts 12 volt battery power to 110 volts. All electric outlets, air conditioner and heating fans, television and microwave, run on 110 volts, like your home. 

     Obviously, when we are on battery power only we cannot use the above. We therefore have a 5.5 kilowatt generator to run those items. That generator runs off our two 30 pound propane tanks. The generator will also recharge the batteries. Right now I am not using the generator as it is quit noisy, and I don’t want to disturb the neighbors. I will run it during the day when the noise will be masked by everyday sounds and traffic.   It appears that the batteries will last a day or two before having to be recharged.

    Based on past performance, I should be able to be self-sufficient for about a week (provided Barbara doesn’t poop too much). 



2 thoughts on “Farmington, Michigan

  1. I am sure some of you missed the “technical stuff”, so here it is:
    Sandusky, Ohio to Farmington, Michigan: 118.1 miles
    11.4 MPG
    2 hours 32 minutes
    Diesel: $2.23

    Now, you can sleep better.

    Steven, The Nomad

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