Chore Day

Day 98

     Every once in a while we must take time off our busy schedule to tend to those everyday tasks that allow us to travel independently around the country: hair cuts, nail and beauty stuff, shopping for supplies and household goods, etc. Today’s that day. Barbara’s glasses broke so we went to Costco for repairs. 

     It also gives us an opportunity to inspect everything for routine maintenance. The truck has a tire monitoring system, which I check periodically with a tire gauge. I still have not figured out how to check the inner tire of my dual rear wheels. I cannot access the tire stem. The Sphinx’s tires do not have a monitoring system and must be checked manually. Those tires are nitrogen filled. Nitrogen is an inert gas (I am not sure what that actually means, but it sounds cool) that has larger molecules than oxygen and therefore is less prone to leakage. It also does not heat up during travel, which stabilizes the tires.

     My normal tire pressure on the Sphinx is 110 psi. I am 7 pounds low on each of the 4 tires. The question is: do I fill with regular compressed air, or find a place that has a nitrogen pump? I have an air pump that is capable of easily pumping that high air pressure. I use it to pump air into my air ride hitch which requires 100-110 psi. That is basically an air bag system that absorbs the rode bumps and takes pressure off the rear springs of the truck as we zoom down the road.




5 thoughts on “Chore Day

  1. Steve,
    First, 7 lb loss isn’t a problem. I found a local tire store, like Firestone, will top off the nitrogen for a few dollars. You can add air in an emergency.

    1. Thank you, Jay. So far the closest place I can take a 40ft 5th wheel to is 70 miles away in the wrong direction. I will probably top off with air, but then I lose the advantage of having nitrogen tires. I am still searching.

  2. We have nitrogen in our FL car tires. I was told that if you need air, you can use ‘real’ air in a pinch. Nitrogen is used in the tires of air planes (ok so I bought that story from) the salesman



  3. You either have to buy extensions which sometimes don’t hold air pressure or line up the inner wheel with the outer wheel so you can access the inner valve stem by sticking the guage through the outer rim. Don P.

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