Dearborn, Michigan

Day 99

Day 99 3631_Fotor

    No visit to the Detroit area of Michigan would be complete without visiting The Henry Ford Complex. The factory, where Ford F-150’s are made, is a jaw-dropping experience. The assembly line, consisting of just over a 1000 workers and automated machines, produce a completed truck in 72 minutes. We watched as these trucks were assembled.

     Another part of the Complex is Greenfield Village.

Day 99 3658_Fotor Day 99 3659_Fotor_Fotor

     This area, 80 acres, was developed by Henry Ford in the 1920’s. There are 83 historic structures, including the lab where Thomas Edison worked, the workshop where the Wright Brothers had their bicycle shop and developed the concept of manned flight, Harry Firestone’s farm (I didn’t know Firestone had a first name), Abraham Lincoln’s office where he practiced law, and H.J. Heinz’s home. Ford went around the Country looking for these items to preserve them for history. The towns where these structures stood did not want them, or the expense of their upkeep. They were disassembled by Ford and transported here. 

     It is interesting to note that only 65 years after the Wright Brothers first flight, Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon.

     H.J. Heinz started his business in the basement of his home. His first product, when he had only 1 variety, was horseradish. He advertised that his product was fresher than any other that could be bought at the time. To emphasize this he packaged it in clear glass bottles so you could clearly see his horseradish. 

     An interesting thing we saw, at Edison’s workshop, is a demonstration of the only working tin foil voice system. Day 99 3656_Fotor

     This was the predecessor of the vinyl dictaphone.      

Day 99 3640_Fotor

     Barbara tries on a bonnet at the millinery shop. 

     As usual, we clearly did not allow enough time to see everything, and were kicked out at closing. We will be going back another day to see the Henry Ford Museum, which we will allow a whole day.Day 99 3652_Fotor


2 thoughts on “Dearborn, Michigan

  1. What a cute couple Shows you how dumb i am, i thought all these people (lincoln, firestone, etc)actually worked there



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