Frankenmuth, Michigan

Day 100

Day 100 427_1024_Fotor

     In 1845 a group of 15 German Lutheran missionaries left the Kingdom of Bavaria to bring the word of god to the Chippewa Indians. There settlement here became Frankenmuth. Day 100 430_1024_Fotor

     The whole town emulates Bavarian culture. However, the most unique character of the town is that every street, every building, every house, every business, and every public square are covered in flowers. 

Day 100 448_1024_Fotor Day 100 447_1024_Fotor Day 100 446_1024_Fotor Day 100 444_1024_Fotor Day 100 437_1024_Fotor Day 100 435_1024_Fotor

    As you enter Frankenmuth you smell the flowers before you see them.

     The amazing thing is that there is not one dead leaf or flower in the whole town.Day 100 450_1024_Fotor

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