Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

Day 102

Day 102 Ford 3741_Fotor

     It took us all day to view the Ford Museum, 10 AM to 5 PM. One of us reads every word, on every placard, at every exhibit, so when the guide says “Oh, you can see the Museum in 3 hours”, not us.

Day 102 Ford 3718_Fotor

     Now, that is what I call a snow plow.

     The museum was divided into different areas. This one was on trains.  Barbara was reading that this engine was used in the Canadian Rockies to clear the tracks of snow drifts. Actually, I jumped to the trains you can sit in:Day 102 Ford 3715_Fotor

     There were many things to see, Day 102 Ford 3747_Fotor     like one of the original RV’s:

Day 102 Ford 3722_Fotor

And do:Day 102 Ford 3731_Fotor


 Come on, crank it up to 3 lights. 

     They did have some very interesting items. For example, the chair from Ford’s theater where Lincoln was sitting when he was shot,

Day 102 Ford 3749_Fotor

 Do you think that is his pee?

And the bus in which Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. 

Day 102 Ford 3757_Fotor

2 thoughts on “Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan

  1. Love the RV. How ling would it take you to set up and dismantle? Oh no, you’d have to use the public toilet! Great train



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