Farmington Fields, Michigan

Day 103Day 103 Marvin 3762_Fotor

     Let’s take the Way-Back-Machine to an era less complex.Day 103 Marvin 3805_Fotor

     Marvin had an attraction of oddities and mechanical machines.Day 103 Marvin 3787_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3788_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3802_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3800_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3784_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3783_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3768_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3789_Fotor

     Put a coin in the machine, and it performed.Day 103 Marvin 3774_Fotor

Day 103 Marvin 3796_Fotor Day 103 Marvin 3797_Fotor

Day 103 Marvin 3779_Fotor




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