Irish Hill, Michigan

Day 106

     Our hosts, Sharon Woodard and Mack Madrey, on whose property we have been staying for the last week and a half, graciously took us to their house on Lake LeAnn, in which we stayed for three days.



Each day we went out on their boat.

day 106 LeAnn3896_Fotor day 106 LeAnn3901_Fotor

     The lake is fed by springs, and you can see those springs bubbling up the 106 LeAnn3858_Fotor

     Barbara couldn’t resist dipping her to toes into the bubbles.

day 106 LeAnn3944_Fotor

     She also took time swimming with her noodle.

day 106 LeAnn3935_Fotor

     There were all kinds of watercraft enjoying the gorgeous day.

day 106 LeAnn3871_Fotor day 106 LeAnn3893_Fotor day 106 LeAnn3892_Fotor day 106 LeAnn3877_Fotor day 106 LeAnn3872_Fotor

day 106 LeAnn3869_Fotor



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