Hillside, Michigan

Day 107

day 107 Cemete Park 3952_Fotor

     William H.L. McCourtie made his fortune in the cement business. He had an estate of 42 acres in the Township of Somerset, Hillside, Michigan on which he had sculptured 17 bridges which crossed a meandering stream on his property.day 107 Cemete Park 3956_Fotor day 107 Cemete Park 3960_Fotor

     Each of the bridges, as well as other structures, such as benches and trees, were made of sculpted concrete to look like logs, planks and ropes. 

day 107 Cemete Park 3961_Fotor

     He ultimately gave the land, now called McCourtie Park, to the Township. Even the chimney on the garages was made of concrete to look like a tree stump. day 107 Cemete Park 3954_Fotor

Technical Stuff:

Healthcare on the Road.

     Before we left for our grand adventure we tried to minimize potential problems. We got our yearly physicals. Transferred all our vitamins and prescriptions to Walgreen’s Pharmacy, because they have the most pharmacys throughout the United States. Got our dental checkup and cleaning. And updated our health insurance and prescription cards.

     Nevertheless, problems do arise. For instance, my tooth is beginning to bother me. I now need to locate a dentist on the road. Or, I can continue to treat it myself with chocolate. 



3 thoughts on “Hillside, Michigan

  1. Those bridges and chimney are great. Jay would tell you to keep treating it with chocolate. No, wait, i would be the one to tell you that.



  2. Great place! Clove essential oil, which you can get at grocery stores in the health food section or at health food stors, mixed with a little olive or coconut oil to dilute, and placed alongside outer jaw above the pain site, helped me get through tooth pain to zero. Never had to go to dentist, just went away after two applications. Just my story, but if you’re in a pinch…sure is a cheap remedy to try!

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