Saugatuck, Michigan

Day 110

     It appears my last post was not worded correctly. The post should read: “Barbara had a drink called sex with the Captain.” The author regrets the error. (DUH! No I don’t.)

     Saugatuck was originally a lumber town. It is now an art colony. The Johnson River flows through Saugatuck to Lake Michigan. We were here, like those over the last 100 years, to watch the boats and have a picnic. day 110 Saugatuck MI3983_Fotor

day 110 Saugatuck MI3994_FotorWe were fortunate to catch their annual boat show and fireworks. We sat in the bandshell, where Barbara talked the ear off the guy next to 110 Saugatuck MI3979_Fotor

Next to us was a chain ferry. day 110 Saugatuck MI3967_Fotor

A paddle boat took tourists down the river. day 110 Saugatuck MI3981_Fotor

day 110 Saugatuck MI3995_Fotor 

     This year’s theme was Vikings. The boats dressed up in their best viking gear and lights and paraded down the river. 

day 110 Saugatuck MI3998_Fotor day 110 Saugatuck MI4067_Fotor

 We then watched the fireworksday 110 Saugatuck MI4085_Fotor day 110 Saugatuck MI4137_Fotor day 110 Saugatuck MI4134_Fotor




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