Grand Rapids, Michigan

Day 116


Day 116 Grand Rapids 4358_Fotor

     We joined a club called Harvest Hosts. For a modest yearly fee, they provide you with locations around the Country of farms, wineries, and orchards, where you can park your RV overnight without additional fees.

     Our first use of this program brought us to Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery.

Day 116 Grand Rapids 4360_Fotor

Did we choose this one for the apples or wine?

    We are parked in the cherry orchard. Unfortunately, we just missed the cherry picking season (July). They are now doing peaches and apricots. Our only problem were the big bugs.

Day 116 Grand Rapids 4363_Fotor

     They also have a winery, which Barbara had to test out (as a courtesy for them letting us stay here, of course).Day 116 Grand Rapids 4369_Fotor

See you down the road

Day 116 Grand Rapids 4359_Fotor

Technical Stuff:

Grand Haven to Grand Rapids 64.4 miles

1 hour 42 minutes

10.6 MPG

Diesel: 2.05

4 thoughts on “Grand Rapids, Michigan

  1. Great time you are having!! Have you found any Bridge players?!! I’m flying into Grand Rapids on Sept. 6th. Will be then driving up to Mackinac Island to spend 3 nights with longtime friends from time in KS. Then, we’re going to Petoskey, MI as it’s suppose to be a tourist haven. Are you going to Gerald Ford’s Library? I hope to have time to see it. Take care. . .Anne

  2. Leslie, this is a great observation on just do what you love when you feel it is right. No one should ever keep anything on hold for tomorrow is not promised to anyone. We all end up in ascending and that is that. Whether you are rich or not you will ascend all the same and can not take nothing with ya!

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