Mackinaw City, Michigan

Day 127

Day 130 Macinac Island4573_Fotor

     On our way here from Traverse City we crossed the 45th parallel. Anyone know the significance?      No it is not 54 40 or fight.

     It is the halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator.

     Mackinaw City is located at the upper part of the State of Michigan where Lake Michigan meets Lake Huron. It wasn’t until 1957 that a bridge was built across this area which links the main part of the State to the upper peninsula, referred to by the locals as UP.

  There have been 78 shipwrecks in the 5 mile Mackinac straight that connects the two lakes. There is a neat shipwreck museum, which we visited of course.

     We also visited the lighthouse which is on lower Michigan.

Day 127 Macinaw City4801_Fotor Day 127 Macinaw City4796_Fotor Day 127 Macinaw City4793_Fotor

                          It gave us a great view of the bridge.

Day 127 Macinaw City4795_Fotor

     Of course, you can’t go to Mackinaw City without visiting Wienerlicious which has the nation’s largest hot dog statue.

Day 127 Macinaw City 4567_Fotor

Technical Stuff:

Traverse City, MI  to Mackinaw City, MI: 149.3 miles

3 hours 25 minutes

10.9 MPG

Diesel 2.11



2 thoughts on “Mackinaw City, Michigan

  1. Did you take a boat ride to mackinaw island? No cars are allowed on the island. The grand hotel on mackinaw island was the setting of a movie with christopher reeve called somewhere in time



    1. To save money we decided to swim. See tomorrow’s Post. Can you believe the Grand Hotel charges $50.00 to go in their hotel to look, and $10.00 just to walk by in the front. They have a guard on the road up to the hotel to collect the money.

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