Newberry, Michigan

Day 132

     When we woke up this morning, the rain had subsided but the winds had picked up. They were now gusting to 30 miles per hour at the campground, and I assume more at the bridge. Nevertheless, we packed up our camp and headed off for the Mackinac Bridge. This bridge is 5 miles long. When it was built (who remembers the year from a previous post?) it was the longest suspension span in the United States. At it’s apex the roadway is 200 feet in the air.

Day 127 Macinaw City4788_Fotor

     When we arrived at the bridge, the winds had subsided to around 10 miles per hour. No trouble crossing the bridge.

     Upon reaching our campground we asked the host, as usual, if anything special was going on in the area. He informed us that the annual Wild Blueberry Festival was concluding it’s three days of celebration “just down the road.” In the Upper Peninsula their concept of distance is a little different than us city folk. We kept driving and driving, and driving. The festival was 46 miles “down the road”, just outside the town of Paradise, Michigan, on Lake Superior.

Day 132 Newberry, MI 4816_Fotor

Day 132 Newberry, MI 4814_Fotor

     Is that blueberry pie, with ice-cream and whipped cream, and blueberry sauce on top you are eating?

     We travelled another 11 miles to the Whitefish Point Light Station. It now had turned out to be a beautiful clear day as a result of the wind.

Day 132 Newberry, MI 4833_Fotor

Day 132 Newberry, MI 4837_Fotor

You can see Canada across Lake Superior.

Day 132 Newberry, MI 4831_Fotor

     We came across Popeye the Sailor’s old tugboat.Day 132 Newberry, MI 4819_Fotor

Technical Stuff:

Mackinaw City, MI to Newberry, MI 84.2 miles

2 hours 3 minutes

10.2 MPG

Diesel: $2.50

3 thoughts on “Newberry, Michigan

    1. OOH, OOH – I hadn’t a clue. But being a good engineer, I looked it up. I assume you were referring to your Day 127 Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 7:47 AM post where you mention 1957. Too bad the winds died down, I was hoping you would finally get a chance to swim to Mackinac Island.

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