Munising, Michigan

Day 134

     We took a 2 hour whale watching cruise on Lake Superior. 

     Traveling down the west coastline of Michigan we saw what the locals call The Pictured Rocks. This part of Michigan’s coastline is made up of 50-200 ft. sandstone cliffs that extend for more than 15 miles along the shoreline. It is a very porous substance that allows water to drain through it from the above vegetation to the Lake.

Day 134 Munising, MI 4950_Fotor

     That water has minerals in it, which stain the rocks, iron (red), manganese (black-white), limonite (yellow-brown), copper (pink-green), and other minerals. As the water evaporates, these minerals leave streaks of color. 

Day 134 Munising, MI 4952_Fotor Day 134 Munising, MI 4932_Fotor

     Sea caves, arches, blowholes, turrets, stone spires, and other features have been sculpted from these cliffs over the centuries by unceasing waves and weather.

Day 134 Munising, MI 4910_Fotor Day 134 Munising, MI 4938_Fotor

     To appreciate how massive these cliffs are, I threw in some kayakers.

Day 134 Munising, MI 4953_Fotor

     Wherever you have rock formations, people see strange things in them. For example in this outcrop

Day 134 Munising, MI 4891_Fotor

some people think it is an Indian Chieftain, but obviously it is soft serve ice cream in a cone.

     And this one is a man with a gag over his mouth.

Day 134 Munising, MI 4931_Fotor

     Of course, there was a lighthouse. 

Day 134 Munising, MI 4965_Fotor

     For those in the know, know that the Great Lakes are fresh water and whales are salt water mammals. 

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