Paradise, Michigan

Day 137

     Ok, enough about light houses, let’s move on to waterfalls. 

     We are at the top most part of Michigan. Like the rapids of the St. Mary’s River, which were converted into locks to connect Lake Superior with the lower lakes, so are there numerous other rivers with rapids, and therefore water falls.

Day 137 Paradise MI 5115_Fotor

          Tahquamenon Falls is the closest one to where we are staying. It is located in Paradise Michigan which is on the eastern part of the Michigan Peninsula, on  Lake Superior. 

Day 137 Paradise MI 5090_Fotor Day 137 Paradise MI 5087_Fotor

     The brown color of the falls, and of the river, is caused by tannins leached from the Cedar, Spruce and Hemlock trees in the swamps which empty into the river.

 Day 137 Paradise MI 5102_Fotor

     We hiked along the river and saw other falls and rapids. Day 137 Paradise MI 5125_Fotor_Fotor

Day 137 Paradise MI 5127_Fotor

      Most parts of the river were only 5 to 6 inches deep. It seems to be a pastime of people wading across the river to put up stone monuments, 

Day 137 Paradise MI 5137_Fotor

as they were up and down the river.

Day 137 Paradise MI 5136_Fotor

     We hiked 3 trails, one by the river and 2 through the forest.

     In hiking through the forest up from the river I noticed the trails were blazed blue, so were the cross trails. 

 Day 137 Paradise MI 5138_Fotor

     Barbara thinks that all 16 trails are blazed blue to let you know that it is a trail. I think this is confusing when reaching a spoon in the road. 


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