Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Day 146

     Wisconsin Dells takes its name from the Dells of the Wisconsin River, a  glacially formed gorge, called a dell. Not unlike the painted rocks, but no paint.

We saw a water show:

Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5309_Fotor Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5348_Fotor Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5404_Fotor Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5378_Fotor

     Traveling around, we have seen some strange things, from this street performer who didn’t keep his neck straight, what a mess:

Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5450_Fotor

to these strange sights:

Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5291_Fotor Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5440_Fotor Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5452_Fotor Day 146 Wisconsin Dells WI5468_Fotor

day-149-wisconsin-river-wi5583_fotor day-149-wisconsin-river-wi5590_fotor day-149-wisconsin-river-wi5597_fotor

    As hard as we looked, we couldn’t find the farmer.

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

  1. Ha, ha – couldn’t find the farmer. I’ve see that up-side down house in other places. It’s some sort of ride or show. I think i recognized Barbara in one of the water shoe photos



  2. Did you ride the roller coaster? Lisa and I stayed at the Great Wolf lodge many years ago to ride it. It was one of the best vacations we had with the American Coaster Enthusiasts club.

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