Wabasha, Minnesota

Day 150     day-150-wabasha-mn-5609_fotor                             

     Continuing our westerly direction we crossed the mighty Mississippi River. We followed the scenic byway along the west side of the river from Wisconsin to Wabasha, Minnesota. Wabasha is the oldest town, established in 1830, in what is now the State of Minnesota. It is named in honor of an Indian Chief of the Sioux Nation, Chief Wa-pa-shaw. Minnesota became a state on Tuesday, May 11, 1868. The territory became a US possession as the result of the War of 1812, known here as the Blackhawk War, named for Chief Blackhawk who fought on the side of the British.

     Of course, the first thing we did after setting up camp was to go down to the river for a nice dinner.


     The town of Wabasha is now best known as the filming place of the 1993  movie Grumpy Old Men, starring Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. 


     The author of the screenplay lived here and the movie is based on stories his grandfather told him of the colorful characters of the town.


     From this point, the Mississippi River is 1,151.2 miles from New Orleans. Barbara wrote a letter to her brother who lives there, put it in a bottle and dropped it in the river at 7:02 PM. Al, the letter should reach you in 11 days 13 hours and 43 minutes. Wait for it. 

Technical Stuff:

Baraboo, Wisconsin to Wabasha, Minnesota 147.3 miles

10.5 MPG

2 hours 55 minutes

Diesel $2.34


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